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We have recruited our Cooks from many different parts of China to prepare you the unique flavors of Chinese gourmet dishes using selected ingrediences and oriental seasoning, you will find the most extra ordinary taste from China and in Hong Kong.


Shenzhen is one of the first special economic zone in China. After the reform and opening up, it grew fast and now has become a modernized metropolis with a flourishing economy.

With a modest origin as a tiny fishing village, Shenzhen, one of the first cities to "open" with the economic reforms, has miraculously become a new modern city which developed in an all-around way in the areas of industry and commerce, agriculture and husbandary and real estate and tourism. Since 1990s, its high-tech industry has developed rapidly. Its revenue and the total amount of exports and imports rank among the best ones in the country.

Shenzhen is a showcase of Chinese reform and opening-up. It absorbs the traditions and cultures from all across the country. Its unique environment enables Shenzhen to be a pioneering city in China. Shenzhen also attaches significance to the natural ecology of the city. This beautiful garden city is demonstrating its unique vitality and future to the whole world.

Dapeng Old City
Dapeng Old City is a relic under state protection. It is located in Pengcheng village of Dapeng town, Long-gang district. It was built in 27th year of Hongwu in Ming Dynasty, and still stands erect after six hundred years. Shenzhen is also called "Peng City".

Micro-Scenic Spot of Charming and Beautiful China
Micro-Scenic Spot of Charming and Beautiful China is the largest micro-scenic spot with the most substantial content in the world. It gathers a large number of tourist attractions from all corners of China in miniature, including such scenic and historical site as Great Wall, Terracotta Warrior and Horses of Emperor Qingshihuang, Palace Museum of Beijing, West Lake of Hangzhou, Three Gorges of Yangtze River, Garden of Suzhou, etc.

Village of Chinese Customs and Culture
Village of Chinese Customs and Culture is the first large-scale cultural tourist spot packing folk arts, folk customs and residential buildings of all ethnic minorities into one park in China. It is called "Chinese folk customs museum". tourist can enjoy and even partake in not only the singing and dancing of every nationality in the village but also producing artworks and cooking foods with ethnic flavors.

Do you know?

What are the SEZs in China?
China established four Special Economic Zones successively after Shenzhen. They are Zhuhai, Xiamen, Shantou, and Hainan SEZs.

Reference data

6,700 years age, in the middle of New Stone Age, this place was inhabited by some aboriginals. After emperor Qinshihuang of Qin Dynasty unified China, Shenzhen was subordinate to Nanhai prefecture. The name Shenzhen can be traced back to 1410 AD according to historical records. The name Shenzhen derives from its location: it abounds in pools and there is a deep gully beside the village.
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